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City Hyde Park by Studio Gang

City Hyde Park by Studio Gang

admin 1 year ago

Photographs: Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing and Tom Harris Photography

City Hyde Park reimagines the urban apartment building, bringing new options for living, recreation, and leisure to its full-block site—formerly a strip mall and under-used parking lot.

Located at a busy commercial intersection near Lake Michigan and adjacent to a commuter rail stop, it is designed as a pedestrian-friendly hub that has a positive impact on its neighborhood.

Featuring indoor and outdoor amenities, the residential tower rises from the plinth, which supports an expansive green roof and is anchored by a grocery store. At street level, wider, improved sidewalks complement the building’s retail arcade and lobbies, contributing to a dynamic, walkable community scene.

The tower’s facade emphasizes its structure with a playful array of stacked concrete panels forming columns, bays, sunshades, and balconies, offering multiple opportunities for residents to socialize, enjoy the outdoors, and connect to the surrounding neighborhood and city.

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